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The Datamology Company


Welcome to the home of The Datamology Company (or just Datamology) where I offer consulting and contract services related to the design and management of enterprise data.

With Ernie Anderson, I co-founded Datamology in 2002 as a software development company with a focus on analytics. In 2004, we released our flagship product, VisiCube, which was subsequently acquired by Antaeus Software. Datamology then evolved into a technology services company. It is now my sole proprietorship.

I am available for interesting, short-term, contract-based data engagements. Please review my background, my values, and my rates to decide whether you would like to contact me about a possible engagement.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

A word about this website: It is purposely simple. Like the next person, I appreciate art and beauty. But I am an architect, not an artist. As an architect, I seek to solve problems as simply as possible. I believe this website is quite sufficient for the purpose at hand. Besides, as my wife would point out, you wouldn't like the result if I tried to make it more attractive! 😉